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Develop habit of regular blood pressure check to stop hypertension, PSN urges Nigerians

World Hypertension Day: Develop habit of regular blood pressure check, PSN urges Nigerians

By Abdullateef Aliyu,

Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN)
As stakeholders mark the World Hypertension Day, the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) has called on Nigerians to go and check their blood pressure and develop the habit of always checking it.

PSN President, Ahmed Yakasai in his message on the World Hypertension Day described Hypertension as a public health epidemic.

According to him, approximately 4 in 10 adults over age 25 have hypertension and in many countries another 1 in 5 adults have pre-hypertension.

He said, “An estimated 9/10 adults living to 80 years of age will develop hypertension. One half of blood pressure related disease occurs in people with higher levels of blood pressure even within the normal range. Increased blood pressure was the cause of 50 per cent of heart disease, stroke and heart failure, 13 per cent of deaths overall and over 40 per cent of deaths in people with diabetes and Hypertension is a leading risk for fetal and maternal death in pregnancy, dementia, and renal failure which cause over 9 million deaths annually.”

According to him, the theme of the year’s celebration, “Know Your Number” was aimed to increase awareness on high blood pressure across the world.

He stressed the need for the development of strategic plans for prevention and control of hypertension as a community while advocating for healthy public policies and especially those that reduce dietary salt/sodium and promote healthy diets and smoking cessation.

Yakasai urged Nigerians to walk into any community pharmacy in the country and check their blood pressure for free, saying most pharmacies “offer this as a corporate social responsibility to their community.”

“We thereby call on all Nigerians to go and check their blood pressure and develop the habit of checking it regularly. Ignorance is not an excuse in the court of health where justice is based on our actions and inactions concerning our lifestyle”, he added.

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